The vision of this department is to embrace with the rapid changes taking place in the field of Telecommunication and by contributing towards its development through research and innovations.


The mission of Department of Telecommunication is to prepare individuals capable of responding to the rapidly changing field of telecommunication. The Telecommunication Industry has witnessed unprecedented growth in the recent years and it is still growing. It is imperative that our students develop the necessary expertise to grasp these changes.


In recent years, the field of Telecommunication has grown rapidly in conjunction with advancement in computer technology and communication methodologies. We are in the midst of a technical revolution that is changing everything about the way that we work, play, and interact.

The field of Telecommunications is undergoing extraordinary changes and growth, driven by new technology and the convergence of existing technologies. As a result, widespread employment opportunities are available for those having expertise in Telecommunication Systems. Study in this field includes the integration and transmission of voice, data, and video using a variety of underlying technologies such as Software Defined Radio and Internet of Things.

The students are given hands on experience in the following dedicated laboratories:

  • Advanced Telecommunication Laboratory
  • Computer Engineering Laboratory
  • Advanced Networking Laboratory
  • Research and Project laboratory

The students are given hands on experience in the following shared laboratories:

  • Digital Logic Design Laboratory
  • Communication and Embedded Systems Laboratory
  • Computer & Simulation Laboratory
  • Basic Electrical and Electronic Engineering Laboratory

This department offers a four years B.E. Telecommunication Engineering degree program in the field of Telecommunication which spans over eight semesters. A working liaison has been established with the industry and other leading Telecommunication Organizations in the country.

Alongside classroom theory lessons, the students are provided complete practical training in the field of Circuit Design, Digital Signals Processing, Antenna Design, Internet of Things and RF hardware with modulation tool kits in these states of art laboratories with the help of software and hardware defined techniques. Students are also encouraged to focus on Digital Layers concept of Communication Systems. The department enjoys the facility of Internet, Digital Library access, Departmental Library and access to the latest engineering field text books, which are sufficient to quench student’s thirst of knowledge. This will help students to rise to the optimum standards of academic achievement and to contribute in socioeconomic development of nation in the field of telecommunication engineering.

The academic curriculum for studies caters to the needs of modern standards and has been developed by experts and eminent scholars in the field of Telecommunication Engineering. It is expected that in the near future this discipline is likely to spread almost in dimension-less spheres.