Distribution of Courses and Credit Hours:

Courses Description No. of Courses Credit Hours
Compulsory Courses 03 09
Elective  Courses 03 09
Thesis/Dissertation —– 30
Total Credit Hours 48

Scheme of Study

PhD (Full time:  Morning) Degree: Scheme of Study

Semester-I Semester-II
Course Title Credit Hours Course Title Credit Hours
Compulsory course-I 03 Elective-I 03
Compulsory course-II 03 Elective course-II 03
Compulsory course-III 03 Elective course-III 03
Semester Credit Hours 09 Semester Credit Hours 09
  Thesis/Dissertation proposal defence
Semester-III Semester-IV
Comprehensive examination


First Progressive Report

Second  Progressive Report
Semester-V Semester-VI
Third Progressive Report Thesis/Dissertation
Total Credit Hours 48

Compulsory Courses:

Sr. # Course Title Credit Hours
1 Advanced Mathematical Modeling and Simulation 03
2 Advanced Research Methodology 03
3 Advanced Analytical Techniques 03

Elective Courses*:

S.NO. Subject Credit Hours
Thesis and Manuscript Writing Skills 03
Research Seminars 03
Advanced Separation Processes 03
Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics 03
Advanced Process Dynamics & Control 03
Chemical Kinetics and Transport 03
Advanced Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer 03
Advanced Principles of Biomolecular Engineering 03
Advance Nano technology 03
Elective Chemical Engineering Graduate Course (Advanced level course(s)  approved by BoS 03

*Considering the background of the student vis-à-vis the field of his research work, the student’s Supervisor will propose these courses.