Distribution of Courses and Credit Hours:

Courses Description No. of Courses Credit Hours
Compulsory Courses 03 09
Elective  Courses 03 09
Thesis/Dissertation —- 30
Total Credit Hours 48

Scheme of Study

PhD (Full time:  Morning) Degree: Scheme of Study

Semester-I Semester-II
Course Title Credit Hours Course Title Credit Hours
Compulsory course-I 03 Elective-I 03
Compulsory course-II 03 Elective course-II 03
Compulsory course-III 03 Elective course-III 03
Semester Credit Hours 09 Semester Credit Hours 09
  Thesis/Dissertation proposal defence
Semester-III Semester-IV
Comprehensive examination


First Progressive Report

Second  Progressive Report
Semester-V Semester-VI
Third Progressive Report Thesis/Dissertation
Total Credit Hours 48

Compulsory Courses:

S. No. Course Title Credit Hours
1 Advanced Mathematical Modeling and simulation 03
2 Advanced Research Methodology 03
3 Modeling, Simulation and Optimization 03

Elective Courses*:

S. No. Course Title Credit Hours
1 Thesis and Manuscript Writing Skills 03
2 Research Seminars 03
3 FACTS and HVDC Systems 03
4 Advanced DC-DC Converters 03
5 Smart Grids Networks 03
6 Advanced Digital System Design 03
7 Advanced Semiconductor Device Theory 03
8 Advanced Embedded Systems Design 03
9 Elective Electronic Engineering Graduate Course 03

*Considering the background of the student vis-à-vis the field of his research work, the student’s Supervisor will propose these courses.