DLD & Simulation Lab

DLD & Simulation Laboratory offers basic and advanced logic design experiments raging from logic gates to sequential logic design. The students provided with both software and hardware resources to design and test digital logic circuits. The lab is equipped KL-300 digital trainer for courses like Microprocessor-based system design, digital logic design and sequential circuit design. Latest equipment such as digital oscilloscope of 200 MHz with built in logic analyzer is also available which is used to test the logic circuits and traditional computational logic circuits. In additional to that dual power supply with master slave configuration and cutting edge technology based function generators are also available for design and troubleshooting of electronic equipment’s.


Computer Lab

Computer Laboratory is equipped with state of the art Core i5 computers. The lab is designed to allow the students experiments with the latest computing technology to solve engineering problems. The lab is purpose built with an environment which simulates student’s creativity. Engineering related applications/software are available in this lab for students such as LabVIEW and Matlab. Similarly programming related applications such as C++ compilers, Java & CAD tools are available to facilitate the students.


Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Lab

Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Laboratory is newly added in the computer Systems Engineering Department with the state of the art technology. In this lab equipment’s such as Latest Xilinx FPGAs boards, and Lego Mind Strom Robots are available for courses like artificial intelligence and Embedded System Design.


Communication & Network Lab

Communication and Network laboratory has state of the art Communication Systems & networking equipment’s comprises of trainers such as wave propagation and antenna equipment WATS-2002, Mobile communication trainer MW-1000 and microwave device experiment MW-100 whereas networking equipment’s comprises of CISCO router, CISCO switches and wireless LAN equipment WLAN-TS 1000. The hardware based trainers are very powerful and flexible, therefore can be used in teaching communication systems courses such as Mobile Computing, Signals & Systems and digital signal processing for the digital signal processing purpose specific hardware equipment’s such as DSP kits and Xilinx FPGAs are also available to students to run DSP experiments.