HEC PMNLS Provisional Merit List (Selected / Not Selected Students)

Read before opening merit list!!!

Dear Students

Attached is 2nd provisional merit list of selected students for award of laptop in PMNLS Phase III. Please note its a provisional list subject to revision if any error is observed.

You are requested to communicate any error observed in the list to babar.reyaz@gmail.com or for instant reply Message on facebook profile www.facebook.com/babarreyaz


Cooperation of students will be highly appreciated to follow merit for the award of laptops. Please feel free to contact above addresses for any query / confusion.

Distribution plan for laptops will be communicated ASAP after final list.


Please note verification of cgpa’s will be done before distribution, therefore, if anybody has wrongly entered their CGPA, they may get it corrected otherwise, the candidate will be disapproved and  he cannot apply in the next phase also.


Results included in Phase – III
HEC cut of Date to include the result 30th June 2016
Sr Prog Batch
2013 2014 2015 2016
1 CH 6th 4th 1st H.S.C %
2 ES 6th 4th 1st H.S.C %
3 CS 5th 4th 1st H.S.C %
4 EE 5th 4th 1st H.S.C %
5 MM 5th 4th 1st H.S.C %
6 PG 5th 3rd 1st H.S.C %
7 TE 5th 3rd 1st H.S.C %
8 IN 6th 4th 1st H.S.C %
9 AR 5th 3rd 2nd H.S.C %


Babar Riaz

Super Focal Person

HEC PMNLS Laptop Scheme




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