Department of Petroleum & Gas Engineering

Petroleum Engineering has become an area of interest for the globe considering current energy needs of the industrialized society. The ultimate goal of a petroleum engineer is to pursue all the techniques to achieve maximum sustainable recoveries from conventional and unconventional reservoirs. Achievement of such objectives requires extensive drilling, production and reservoir engineering strategies. Hence, oil and gas industry requires professional graduates capable to deal entire field challenges related to drilling, production and reservoir engineering. Therefore, present need is to train young minds on practical, theoretical and research horizons.

Petroleum and Gas Engineering department at DUET, has made its task to provide industry with highly intellectual minds with strong theoretical background, practical exposure and possess research skills so that all the prevailing and upcoming challenges are solved as per the objectives. Department’s course structure is based on course work, regular assignments, quizzes, practical experiments and regular field work/visits. Department also arrange field internships with the collaboration of various renowned oil and gas companies.

Vision of the department

The vision of this department is to be recognized as “Centre of Excellence in Petroleum & Gas Engineering” of the country by producing technically sound petroleum engineers to fuel the indigenous and global petroleum industry. With this vision, the department has brought the faculty to excellence with researchers and engineers highly qualified from international and top class national institutes, having variant specialization and research exposure. Such capability enables us to teach, train, and test skills in various teaching styles to produce technically sound graduates with strong ethical and management skills as the future leaders of the petroleum industry.

Mission of the department

The mission of this department is, “To establish state of the art program in petroleum and gas engineering emphasizing innovation, incorporation, collaboration, and high ethical
standards to meet industrial requirements by producing research oriented and professionally skilled graduates capable to strengthen the country professional manpower”.