Regulations for MS Program

  1. Eligibility and Procedure for Admission
    • To be eligible for admission to the PhD degree program, a student must possess first class (Minimum 3.0 CGPA out of total 4.0) Master’s degree (18 years education) by research work in the relevant field of any university recognized by HEC for this purpose.
    • He/She is further required to be proficient in English Language, and be physically and mentally fit for the study.
    • At least 60 percentile Score in ETC, GRE subject test or 60 Cumulative Score in NTS GAT subject test or 70 percentile score in GAT (Subject) type test, in the area of specialization chosen at PhD level conducted by the university (where ETC GRE subject test is not available) is required prior to admission in the PhD program.
    • The applicant must submit the application form duly completed in all respects, along with the relevant documents by the last date fixed for this purpose.
    • The student may be registered for a full time or part time program.
    • A full time student, if employed, will have to obtain study leave from his/her employer before registration.
    • A part time student if employed will submit a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from his/her employer before registration.
    • Incomplete application forms or applications received after the due date will not be considered.
    • Each application for admission will be processed separately by the Graduate Committee.
    • The Committee reserves the right to refuse admission to any applicant without assigning any reason, or cancel the admission of a student at any stage if his/her conduct or progress in studies is not found satisfactory.
    • Each student is required to register himself/herself at the University in the field/discipline in which he/she takes courses, does research, and receives degree.
    • Tuition and other fees must be paid at the time of registration.
  1. Duration of Study:
    • The minimum duration for completing all the requirements for the full time and part time PhD degree program shall be three years and five years, respectively.
    • The maximum duration for completing all the requirements for the full time and part time PhD degree program shall be five years and seven years respectively. However, the ASRB may extend the period up to one year on account of any special circumstances on the recommendation of supervisor.
  1. PhD Course Work:
    • For strengthening student’s knowledge in his/her field of research work and for enabling him/her to carry out research properly, he/she is required to complete the course work of at least 18 credit hours followed by a comprehensive examination.
    • Transfer of credits earned in other Institutions may be approved in individual case up to a maximum determined by the Equivalence Committee.
  1. Distribution of Courses and Credit Hours:
Courses Description No. of Courses Credit Hours
Optional courses 04 12
Compulsory courses 02 06
Thesis/Dissertation —– 30
Total Credit Hours 48
  1. Compulsory Courses
Subject Credit Hours Marks
Advanced Mathematical Modelling and Simulation 03 100
Advanced Research Methodology 03 100
Total: 06 200
  1. Optional/Elective Courses *
Subject Credit Hours Marks
Elective Course – I 03 100
Elective Course – II 03 100
Elective Course – III 03 100
Elective Course – IV 03 100
Total: 12 400
NOTE:    Considering the background of the student vis-à-vis the field of his research works, the Management Committee will propose these courses. The courses will be approved by the Board of Studies, Advanced Studies and Research Board (ASRB), and Academic Council.
  1. Research Work:
    • Each student has to prepare his/her research proposal in consultation with his/her supervisor and apply on prescribed form to the Directorate of PGS who will process his/her application and forward it to the ASRB for approval. The ASRB will also approve the advisor and, if needed, co-advisor in consultation with advisor. After approval of his/her research proposal by the ASRB, the student shall be required to give initial seminar before the ASRB.
    • Before a candidate is finally registered for PhD degree, the research proposal is to be evaluated by at least three experts in the relevant field, one from within the country and the two from technologically advanced countries abroad.
    • After completing all the formalities for registration, including initial seminar, the student shall proceed with his/her research work under the guidance of his Supervisor and give minimum two progressive seminars during the studies.
    • After completion of research, the student will submit draft copy of thesis for conducting the plagiarism test. When the thesis found authentic (free of plagiarism), the candidate will be allowed to deliver final seminar before the ASRB for approval of his/her research work and submission of thesis. The thesis will be sent to the same experts within the country and abroad who had originally evaluated the research proposal, provided that if he/she is not available, the ASRB shall appoint a new evaluator.
    • The candidate will be allowed to appear in the viva-voce examination to defend his/her thesis after incorporating the remarks of evaluators and submitting his/her modified thesis through his/her Supervisor. The report of the thesis examiner appointed by the ASRB should be unanimous for the award of the degree. If the examiners recommend that the student is successful at the viva-voce examination, he/she may be declared to have passed the Doctor of Philosophy Degree examination. In case of failure, a second examination may be given on the recommendation of the examiners. No student will be permitted for third examination.
    • Acceptance/publication of at least one research paper in SCI approved journal is also essential for the award of PhD degree.
    • Other Regulations: All other regulations for the approved PhD degree program, such as payment/refund of various fees, approval/change of thesis topic, completion of course work, passing comprehensive examination, delivery of seminars, submission of progress reports, leave of absence, no objection certificate/study leave from employer, preparation and evaluation of thesis, publication of research paper, conduct of thesis examination, declaration of result, award of degree etc. shall also apply to PhD degree program.
    • Amendment to Regulations: These Regulations may be  amended from time  to time  as deemed fit by the  authorities  of the Dawood University of Engineering & Technology, and, unless specifically stated otherwise, the amended Regulations shall apply  to  the  already  registered  students  as well as to  the  new  students