Self Finance Local and Foreign Vacant Seats

Limited seats of self-finance local and Self Finance Foreign scheme (2nd priority basis) are vacant in the following disciplines

Self Finance Local

  1. Telecommunication Engineering
  2. Computer Systems Engineering
  3. Energy & Environment Engineering

Self Finance Foreign

  1. Electronics Engineering
  2. Industrial Engineering & Management
  3. Petroleum & Gas Engineering
  4. Metallurgy & Materials Engineering
  5. Telecommunication Engineering
  6. Computer Systems Engineering
  7. Energy & Environment Engineering
  8. Architecture & Planning


Application Procedure:

The eligible candidates who have passed NTS test may send Payorder in favour of Dawood University of Engineering & Technology along-with the copy of NTS application form to the Registrar Dawood University of Engineering & Technology. (for amount refer to prospectus page 90 or duet website)


Last Date: 17 January 2017