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Engr. Prof. Dr. Samreen Hussain, VC – DUET, Explores the Intersection of AI and Nanotechnology in Lecture at Jiangxi University, China

Engr. Prof. Dr. Samreen Hussain, VC – DUET, Explores the Intersection of AI and Nanotechnology in Lecture at Jiangxi University, China


Ganzhou City, China: Engr. Prof. Dr. Samreen Hussain (T.I), the esteemed Vice Chancellor of Dawood University of Engineering and Technology, recently shared her expertise on the evolving synergy between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Nanotechnology. Dr. Samreen Hussain delivered a thought-provoking lecture at Jiangxi University of Science & Technology in Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province, People’s Republic of China.


In her lecture, AI with Nanotechnology – Future or Threat, Dr. Samreen Hussain delved into the intricate relationship between AI and Nanotechnology, addressing the profound impact of their convergence on various aspects of our technological landscape. The lecture aimed to explore whether this fusion represents a promising future for advancements in science and technology or poses potential threats that demand careful consideration.


The event, held at Jiangxi University, provided a platform for international collaboration and knowledge exchange. Dr. Samreen Hussain highlighted the importance of such global interactions in fostering a deeper understanding of cutting-edge technologies and their applications. The audience comprised students, faculty, and researchers eager to grasp the intricate nuances of the interdisciplinary field.


As a distinguished engineer and academician, Dr. Samreen Hussain brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the discussion. Her role as the Vice Chancellor of Dawood University, coupled with her extensive research in engineering, positioned her as a key figure in shaping the discourse on the future trajectory of AI and Nanotechnology.


Aside from the technological aspects, Dr. Samreen Hussain emphasized the need for an open dialogue on the ethical considerations surrounding the integration of AI and Nanotechnology. Addressing concerns related to privacy, security, and responsible innovation, she underscored the importance of a holistic approach to guide the ethical development of these transformative technologies.


The lecture concluded with a call for continued collaboration between academic institutions, researchers, and industry experts to unlock the full potential of AI and Nanotechnology. Dr. Samreen Hussain expressed her enthusiasm for future partnerships that could drive innovation and address the challenges posed by these cutting-edge technologies.


The lecture at Jiangxi University stands as a testament to the global nature of scientific inquiry and the role of visionary leaders like Dr. Samreen Hussain in shaping the future of engineering and technology.

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