Dawood University of Engineering & Technology Karachi

DUET – CEMET organized training for district Sukkur’s head teachers

Dawood University’s Center for Entrepreneurship, Management and Emerging Technologies (CEMET) Rohri Sukkur hosted training sessions for Sindh Education Foundation (SEF) to promote the education in far-flung and remote areas of Sindh, which aims to provide the quality education at the door steps of marginalized communities.
Make sure the quality of education, the training unit of foundation has endeavored a lot to build the capacity of School Partners, Head Teachers & Teachers. The purpose of this training mainly focuses on Academics & Academic Administrative areas.
In this context Training of Head Teachers has been organized at CEMET Sukkur for the Head Teachers of 68 Schools’ of Sukkur district.ย 
The Head Teacher’s Training covered all essential concepts related to: “School Governance, Academics & Administrative Management” through discussions & other relevant activities.
Additionally cutting-edge topics such as: “Digital Learning Pathways & Social-Emotional Well-Being” were also incorporated into the training sessions
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