Dawood University of Engineering & Technology Karachi

Dawood University organized Eco-Tourism Drive to Protect Mangroves

Karachi, May 17, 2024 – Dawood University of Engineering and Technology (DUET), in partnership with the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Prime Minister’s Youth Program, and the Association of Energy Engineers (DUET Chapter), successfully conducted an Eco-Tourism Drive today at the Mangrove Site along the Coastal Highway at Bhambhore, Thatta, Sindh.
The event, which started at 9:00 AM, witnessed enthusiastic participation from students, faculty, and community members, all united in their mission to protect and preserve the vital mangrove ecosystems. The drive highlighted the importance of mangroves in maintaining biodiversity, supporting marine life, and acting as natural barriers against coastal erosion.
Participants engaged in various activities, including cleaning the mangrove area, planting new mangrove saplings, and educational sessions on the significance of these ecosystems. The event underscored DUET’s ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability and community engagement.
Engr. Prof. Dr. Samreen Hussain, Vice Chancellor of DUET, expressed her gratitude to all participants and partners. “Today’s Eco-Tourism Drive is a testament to our collective responsibility towards the environment. It is heartening to see our community come together to make a tangible impact,” she said.
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