Arrival of Commercial Petroleum Engineering Software on Academic Licenses in Petroleum & Gas Engineering Department

Petroleum & Gas Engineering Department (DUET) has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with commercial petroleum engineering software developing companies (KAPPA, PETEX and IHS Fekete). Software on academic licenses available in Petroleum & Gas Engineering department include:

  • 25 licenses of ECRIN (Saphir NL, Topaze NL, Diamant, Rubis, Amethyste), Emeraude, Citrine from KAPPA
  • 10 licenses of PROSPER, GAP, PVTP, MBAL, REVEAL & RESOLVE from Petroleum Experts (PETEX)
  • 30 licenses of IHS CBM, IHS WellTest, IHS Virtuwell, IHS RTA, IHS Piper, IHS DeclinePlus from IHS Fekete

Petroleum Experts (PETEX) has donated the equivalent of £ 1,333,300.75 to the University.

It proves department’s constant commitment towards achieving excellence in the field by enhancing its present facilities to make DUET’s Petroleum & Gas Engineering department the most versatile and practical oriented department.