Biomass Conversion and Green chemicals Recovery Technology laboratory

Biomass Conversion and Green chemicals Recovery Technology laboratory focuses on biomass conversion and application to solve the energy and environment crisis caused by fossil fuel consumption. To develop effective conversion system and achieve renewable fuels, chemicals, and materials from biomass, the laboratory members have integrated multidisciplinary approach including organic chemistry, chemical physics, catalysis, material science, chemical engineering, and thermal engineering etc. Theoretic and experimental studies on the biomass macromolecules (lignocellulose cellulose, hemicelluloses, and lignin) depolymerization and the important intermediates and platform molecules conversion are conducted to get further insight into the fundamental issues in biomass conversion science and technology, such as controllable formation of target products, the relationships between the structure of the catalyst and the performance. Large scale biomass pyrolysis system, hydrolysis system and the following platform molecules conversion system have been developed for industrial applications. The laboratory has built up complete scientific research and large-scale application systems for biomass valorization.

 The interested research subjects include:

(1)  Development of new biomass and biomass platform molecules reactions.

(2)  Depolymerization of biomass via green chemistry.

(3)  Fast pyrolysis and catalytic fast pyrolysis of biomass under different atmosphere to selectively produce value-added liquid fuel, syngas, chemicals, and carbon materials.

(4)  Synthesis of cellulose derived polymeric materials.

(5)  Design and production of novel nano-catalysts for biomass conversion.

(6)  Investigation of thermodynamics, kinetics, and mechanism of biomass and platform molecules conversion.