National Project Competition 2020

National Project Competition, NPC 2020

Win 1 lac for Project
50k for Poster

Themes of Competition (Project or Poster)
1. Creative
2. Innovative
3. Socially Beneficial
4. Cost Effective
5. Business Startup
6. Environment Friendly
7. Feasible to implement

Deadline for Abstract:
12 Feb 2020

NPC 2020
22-23 Feb 2020

Dawood UET, Karachi

Follow Step 1-3 for NPC Registration

Step 1: Abstract Submission
Submit Abstract as per Abstract Template available here and send it to

Step 2: Final Submission
After Step 1 (confirmation email), download Registration form, fill and submit along with Bank Fees of Rs. 1000/-

Step 3: Standee Template
Prepare the project/poster standee as per given template and bring printed panaflax along with stand
on 22-23 February at 8 AM.

Free Accommodation (for Karachi outsiders) with Lunch (for 02 days) for participating teams including faculty & students.

Visit the link below and Register for Abstract Template

Dr. Abdul Sami
Director, DUET
NPC organizing committee,
DUET, Karachi.