Outcome Based Education (OBE) Implementation


Department of Petroleum & Gas Engineering

Vision of the department

The vision of this department is to be recognized as “Centre of Excellence in Petroleum & Gas Engineering” of the country by producing technically sound petroleum engineers to fuel the indigenous and global petroleum industry. With this vision, the department has brought the faculty to excellence with researchers and engineers highly qualified from international and top class national institutes, having variant specialization and research exposure. Such capability enables us to teach, train, and test skills in various teaching styles to produce technically sound graduates with strong ethical and management skills as the future leaders of the petroleum industry.

Mission of the department

The mission of this department is, “To establish state of the art program in petroleum and gas engineering emphasizing innovation, incorporation, collaboration, and high ethical
standards to meet industrial requirements by producing research oriented and professionally skilled graduates capable to strengthen the country professional manpower”.


Program Objectives

Objective 1:   To produce highly qualified graduates, who strengthens the manpower of the country and are capable to perform as professional Engineers.

Objective 2:   To aware the graduates with technical depth and breadth to be successful as Petroleum and Gas engineers, and to enable them to be competitive in the Petroleum and Gas engineering job market or in continuing their education.

Objective 3:   The program helps in developing the research interest in individuals and aspires in the advance studies for specialized areas.

Objective 4:   Understanding of professional, legal, and ethical issues and discharging the responsibilities as it pertains to Petroleum and Gas Engineering.

Program outcomes

The program out comes reveal the skills and abilities of students:

  1. Engineering knowledge
  2. Problems analysis
  3. Design and Development of solution
  4. Investigation
  5. Modern Tool Usage
  6. The Engineer and Society
  7. Environment and Sustainability
  8. Ethics
  9. Individual and Team work
  10. Communication
  11. Project Management
  12. Lifelong Learning

Industrial Advisory Board (IAB)

Department has recently formed an Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) consisting of following members to fulfill PEC criteria for Outcome Based Education (OBE) implementation.

External Members

Name Designation Address
Engr. Pir Asim Jan Sirhandi Manager Production Operations OGDCL
Engr. Iqbal Sahto Performance Manager UEP, Karachi
Prof. Dr. Abdul Haque Tunio Professor/Director IPNGE, MUET
Engr. Khurram Shaikh Chief Engineer, SSGCL SSGCL
Engr. Agha Ghulam Nabi Shar Deputy Chief Engineer (Drilling) PPL, Karachi

Internal Members

Name Designation Address
Dr. Parwaiz A.A. Khan Director DILAA DUET, Karachi
Dr. Saleem Qadir Tunio Professor/Chairman DUET, Karachi
Engr. Bharat Kumar Assistant Professor DUET, Karachi
Engr. Wajid Yousuf Lecturer DUET, Karachi