Vice Chancellor

Dr. Faizullah Abbasi
email :
phone: 021-99230701 ext:267

Pro- Vice Chancellor

Prof. Dr. Abdul Waheed Bhutto
email :
phone: 021-99230701 ext:267

Dean, Faculty of Engineering

Prof. Dr. Zeeshan Ali Memon
email :
phone: 021-34921353

Academic Coordinator, Architecture and Planning

Dr. Dost Ali Khowaja
email :
phone: 021-99243367


Prof. Dr. Asif Ali Shah
email :
phone: 021-9923645

Acting Controller of Examinations

Prof. Dr. Rashid Abro
phone: 021-99230476

Director Finance

Mr. Shabbir Shaikh
phone: 021-99231195

Director Post Graduate Studies

Dr. Shaukat Ali Mazari
email :
phone: 021-34131107

Director Planning and Development

Dr. Yasira Naeem Pasha
email :
phone: 021-99243874

Director Information and Technology

Dr. Izhar Hussain Zaidi
email :

Director Industrial Liaison and Alumni Affairs

Prof. Dr. Pervaiz A.A. Khan
email :

Director Business Incubation Centre

Dr. Fauzia Idress Abro 
phone: 021-99232670

Advisor, Student Affairs

Dr. Dost Ali Khowaja

Director ORIC

Dr. Ghulam Mujtaba
phone:  021-99231195

Director Quality Enhancement Cell

Dr. Abdul Sami Qureshi
email :
phone: 021-4911080

Director Financial Assistant Department

Dr. Atif Jameel
email :

Director Continuous Professional Development

Dr. Muhammad Dawood Idress

Director Sports

Dr. Zahid Hussain