About SPE International:

The Society of  Petroleum Engineers is a non-profit organization whose mission is to collect, disseminate and exchange technical knowledge related to Exploration, Development and Production of oil and gas resources and the concerned technologies for the public benefit and to provide opportunities for professionals to enhance their technical and professional competence.



Vision of SPE Student Chapter

Enable the students to have a fair share of industrial exposure during their studies at Department of Petroleum & Gas Engineering, DUET and becoming one of the outstanding student chapters in the world.



Mission of SPE Student Chapter:

Our mission is to provide our student members with variety of activities which relates to oil and gas industry and as part of SPE international, we aim to exchange technical knowledge concerning the exploration, development and production of oil and gas resources, and related technologies for the public benefit; and to provide opportunities for our students to enhance their technical and professional competence.

Message by faculty Advisor SPE DUET student chapter


Name: Engr. Najeeb Anjum Soomro

Position: Lecturer

“SPE DUET Student chapter was established in October 2017 at Department of Petroleum and Gas Engineering, DUET. The platform of SPE DUET student chapter works as a communication bridge between the industry and the Universities to minimize the gap


Message by the President of SPE DUET student chapter

Name: Muhammad Umair

Position: President

The opening of SPE DUET Student Chapter is the result of assiduous struggle by the faculty and students of department of Petroleum and Gas Engineering DUET. It’s up our efforts now, that how can we grow up this chapter in successful manner on every ground.

  1. Technical session on “Global Energy Outlook”, Delivered by Engr. Sarmad Siddique (Senior Manager, Pakistan Petroleum Limited)event 1 event 2 event 3
      1. Technical session at PPL Training center by Engr. Naeem Ul Hussain Dahraj


    Students & Faculty Members of Dawood University of Engineering & Technology attended a technical session organized by SPE Pakistan section at PPL training Center on “Shale Gas Development- A Global Insight” conducted By Naeem Ul Hussain Dahraj.

  2. event 4 event 5 event 6 event 7Upcoming Events
    1. Visit of Core Lab is scheduled in month of April at Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL)
    2. Technical session by Hassan Malik, Drilling Manager, Saudi Aramco in the last week of April.





SPE DUET Student Chapter Working Committees 2017-2018

·         Event Management & Professional Development

Committee Head

o   Muhammad Shariq (Batch 16)


o   Fariha Shah (Batch 16)

o   H M Mutahir (Batch 17)

o   Osama Anwar (Batch 17)

o   Arslan Iqbal (Batch 18)

o   Osama Rana (Batch 18)


·         Logistics

Committee Head

o   Syed Mobeen-u-din (Batch 17)


o   Hashir Ali Siddiqui (Batch 17)

o   Imran Khan (Batch 17)

o   Dawood Abdullah (Batch 18)


·         Promotions & Publications

Committee Head

o   Waseem Ullah (Batch 16)


o   Arisha Badar (Batch 16)

o   Irfan Khan (Batch 17)

o   Abdullah Sohail (Batch 17)

o   Muhammad Hashir Mohiodin (Batch 17)

o   M. Osama Khan (Batch 18)

·         Public Relations

Committee Head

o   Arsalan Javed (Batch 16)


o   Junaid Saleh (Batch 17)


Contact Us:

SPE DUET Student chapter

Petroleum and Gas Engineering department

Dawood University of Engineering and Technology

New M.A. Jinnah Road, Karachi

Phn# 021-99231195 (223)

Email: najeeb.soomro@duet.edu.pk