Dawood University of Engineering & Technology Karachi

Office Of Research Innovation & Commercialization

Dawood College of Engineering & Technology was established in 1964 and in 2013 upgraded to Dawood University of Engineering & Technology (DUET). DUET initiated a Centre for Innovation, Research, Creativity, Learning and Entrepreneurship (CIRCLE) in 2015 and converted it into Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) under the guidelines of Higher Education Commission (HEC). DUET aims at motivating and encouraging the students and faculties to make research top priority. The core objective is to promote and facilitate high quality academic research through leading the development of research strategy and policy, ensuring compliance with research governance requirements, supporting researchers to access funding and new collaborations.

> Promoting research culture in the university.

> Educating faculty members and students about various research grants.

> Enhancing university-industry relationships.

> Promoting entrepreneurship, technology-transfer and commercialisation activities that enhance and support local
and national economies.

> Transforming research for the public’s benefit (patent development).

> Liaises between researchers and funding agencies.

> Facilitating the purchase of specialised equipment.

> Organising seminars and workshops on innovative research practices, methods.
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