Dawood University of Engineering & Technology Karachi

Quality Enhancement Cell

Quality Assurance (QA) holds an indispensable importance in a world where competition is changing gears every now and then. In an ever-evolving education sector modern institutions need a healthy equilibrium between growth and performance to stay ahead in the competition. The outlook of modern education sector, outlining inbroad strokes what our priorities must be, suggests that assurance of quality and development of quality control measures is fundamental to progress in this highly competed field. Higher Education Commission (HEC), in an effort to promote academic qualityassurance in Pakistan, entrenched Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) which oversees the Quality Enhancement Cells (QECs) operating in every public and private higher education institutions. These entities within the university setup, ensures the implementation of quality improvement policies and reviews the status of ongoing practices through an extensive assessment process. Quality Enhancement Cell-DUET Dawood University of Engineering and Technology (DUET), in pursuit of its mission, recognizes that quality improvement is the key principle for continuing growth and development. In luscious autumn of 2009, Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) was inaugurated in the university with aim to instill the sense of upholding the principles of quality assurance and continued academic excellence which resonates deeply with Dawood university's academic creed. The standards and quality assurance produces set by the cell added a lot to the prestige of DUET in its various programs. The cell is responsible for the review of quality and standards of teaching and learning in engineering disciplines. It deals with all sorts of matter related with standards of each academic program and is responsible for developing quality assurance and method of evaluation and validation so that standards should be maintained.
Vision of QEC-DUET
standards, policies, and practices to fulfil futuristic academic demands to compete locally and globally.

Mission of QEC-DUET
Enhance quality in both teaching and learning areas in an effective measurable way at all levels of studies.

To develop the quality skills in all departments of DUET to meet the challenges of the real world. Promote research - based teaching and learning to find the new dimensions of engineering and technology.

Bridging gap between HEC and the University to develop a Model for Quality Assurance.

Objectives of QEC-DUET
Introduce Self-Assessment culture at DUET as prescribed by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan to evaluate, analyze, and implement quality at all levels

. QEC complies measurable standards of Quality Assurance through capacity building of faculty and students.

Establishing a system to utilize available infrastructure in a productive manner and along with this, discover needs of additional one to get quality results of teaching and learning outcomes. Utilize the available resources in a uniform way to get more benefits from the same. Introduce and develop quality examination standards to ensure

transparent results. Introduce and promote self and systematic academic audit. Seek affiliation and collaboration with high-rank and recognized national and international agencies.

Establish Joint venture, twinning and collaborative projects with international Universities of repute and work on grant/funding proposals of UNESCO, UNDP, EC and others.
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